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Mole HillsDo you have large dirt mounds in your lawn? Are you seeing long tunnels and burrows across your yard? If so you might have a mole problem. Moles are a very common and destructive nuisance animal here in SE Michigan. They often damage lawns by tunneling through the soil looking for worms and insects to eat. They move as much as 20 feet per hour underground and if left unchecked a mole population can quickly destroy or damage your yard.

Moles are not rodents but relatives of insectivores like shrews and hedgehogs. In their search for food, moles burrow in lawns, meadows, stream banks and open woodlots, creating elaborate underground tunnels. They feed mainly on earth worms and insects such as grubs. Moles are rarely seen above ground. They are about 4 to 9 inches long including the tail with dark grey fur. They have tiny eyes and no visible ears. Moles have large “shovel” like feet that they use for digging. 

Moles are not social animals and prefer to live alone in their burrow system, although some burrow systems may intersect. Moles have been known to re-use old or abandoned burrows. The average number of moles per acre in SE Michigan is about 2 to 4. Moles have about 3 to 5 babies per year, usually giving birth in March and April. Because of their secluded lifestyle, moles have few natural enemies.

The most effective way to control moles is by using traps and poison baits. Before setting traps or using poison, all burrows should be stomped flat and mounds knocked down. Mark all burrows with a flag or marking paint and check the burrows after 24 to 48 hours. Set traps and poison in burrows that are pushed back up first. Certain soil conditions will determine which method of control will be the most effective. Poison baits are preferred for dry, sandy soil and traps work best in moist, dark soils. In some cases both methods can be used. Traps and poison placements should be marked with a flag to prevent accidents and make them easy to find when its time to check them.

If you are experiencing damage to your lawn, or seeing large mounds in the grass, give the experts at Animal Pro a call for a complete inspection and estimate. With over 20 years of experience we solve mole problems in SE Michigan including:

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