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Ants - Spiders - Bees - Wasp - Earwigs - Asian Beetles
Box Elders - Centipedes - Crickets & More!!!

By utilizing our Pro Pest Solutions Service, you can keep your home and family safe from annoying insect pest.

We are fully licensed and insured, and our experienced technicians are fully trained in the most effective and cost friendly techniques in pest control.

We offer several types of pest control treatments for all of your pest control needs. The most common services include:

Wasp & Hornet Prevention Don't let stinging insects ruin your summer.

Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal Including walls, high peaks, and ground nests.

Ant Prevention & Control Stop'em before they get in. Or control existing populations.

Spider Prevention & Control Stop ugly webs & egg sacks.

Box Elders & Asian Beetles Stop these spring and fall invaders.

General Insect Prevention 3 treatments per year will keep you pest free.


Pest ControlDon't let annoying stinging insects chase you from your deck or pool. We can keep your home free of Wasps, Yellow Jackets, Hornets and Carpenter Bees all summer long. GUARANTEED!

If you have problems with stinging insects within 60 days of service, we return at no additional cost to you.

Prices vary. Call for a FREE estimate. (248) 676-8800

Animal Pro Inc. does not treat Honey Bees. If you are having trouble with Honey Bees, please contact a local bee keeper or the Michigan Department of Agriculture. All of our Techs are Certified Applicators.

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