Repairs & Exclusion

Repairs and Exclusion

REPAIRS - After the nuisance animal is removed from the property, we can provide you with all necessary repairs so you don't have to deal with several different contractors to get the job complete. We are capable of performing all types of roof repairs, siding replacement, gutter and fascia repairs as well as foundation and crawl space repairs.


PREVENTION - One of the most important aspects of animal control is prevention and exclusion. By using items such as chimney caps and attic vent screens, we can keep unwanted animals out of your attic, crawl spaces and chimneys. By performing some simple tree trimming and harborage removal, you can eliminate easy access points to your home. Trees should be trimmed at least 3 to 5 feet from your roof to prevent squirrels and raccoons. Also, remove all wood piles and debris piles from the perimeter of the structure to prevent rodents. If possible try to eliminate ground cover such as ivy or mertyl from the immediate perimeter.

ATTIC CLEAN-UP - In many cases attic insulation can become contaminated with animal urine and feces. In this unpleasant circumstance, you will need to have the old insulation removed and new insulation installed. We can provide you with a complete attic clean-up including disinfections and odor control. Since this work is labor intensive and due to extreme heat in the attic, this work is best done during the cooler months.