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Bats present several unique challenges for proper control. Therefore, only trained professionals should attempt to exclude bats from attics. Michigan bats will hibernate during the winter, although the Big Brown may migrate short distances. It is important not to perform exclusion work at this time as bats will become trapped in the attic when they wake up in the spring. Also, bats have babies in the late spring to early summer. It’s very important not to complete exclusions during this time so you don’t lock the babies in the attic. Check valves and other exclusion devices should not be installed until after the babies have begun to fly. This occurs in late July to early August. Bat exclusions should not be done during June and July.

INSPECTION – The first step in any bat exclusion should be a thorough inspection. Our technicians will perform a complete inspection of your attic to confirm the presence of bats. Once the bat activity has been confirmed we will inspect the exterior of the house for entry points. Not all homes are alike, so the types of repairs and how many are needed will vary. After the inspection is complete you will receive a written estimate for the cost of a bat exclusion.

EXCLUSION – After identifying the active entry points, we will perform all the necessary repairs to prevent the bats from returning. This may include sealing soffit/roof gaps, screening vents, repairing roof flashing, or installing ridge vent screen. Our technicians use only quality materials and have a variety of different colors of caulk and trim to match your home. All of our bat exclusion work comes with a 5-year warranty.

BAT CHECK VALVES – Once the repairs and exclusion work are completed, we will install Bat Check Vales to the main entry points. These work as one-way doors to allow any bats still in the attic to escape. They remain in place for up to 2 weeks or longer to make sure all of the bats have had a chance to leave. Once we are sure the bats are gone, we will return to remove the Bat Check Valves and repair the final entry points.

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